Monday, June 1, 2009

The photos speak

Are not you curious to know the true face,
that hides behind your favorite artist?
Well, the game begins with this theme:
See who you are!

Participants in this game,
are all members of the Etsy European Street Team!

Psarokokalo from Greece

Alibli from Italy

Artmind from Belgium

Viltalakim from Netherlands

Ingermaaike from Norway

Stemellina from Greece

KajaDesign from Sweden

Neraidodhmiourgies from Cyprus

Roroism from Sweden

Fleurfatale from Belgium

Dina Fragola from Belgium

Vaisto from Finland

Karmologyclinic from Greece

Karuski from Finland

Petit Plat from France

Alatvian from Latvia

Swiedebie from Netherlands

JaneBoFelt from Moscow

Deer Lola from Belgium

Me, SumikoShop from Italy

Vadjutka from Budapest - Hungary

Trotalo from Roma - Italy

Chichiboulie from France

Lunaticart from France

Giusy Patch from Italy

If you have not shown your face
what are you waiting for?
send me your photo!!


  1. Great pictures and I love to see the other talents you post. :) Beautiful people!

  2. a big HI to all, you look great here. thanks for lovely post sumiko :)

  3. Lovely post and it's great to see some faces from the EST :)
    I think I'm going to know everyone soon :P

    Here's one photo from me:

  4. Great post! Nice to see all!

  5. This is fun, nice to see people behind their shops:)


  6. Thanks Sumiko!!!! this is great! so nice to see the other mambers real faces!!!!

  7. Wonderful post and how fun to see all my beautiful and talented teammates!
    ~Emily xx

  8. hehe, cool!
    thanks for posting me:)
    greetings to all shops an dfaces:)

  9. Such lovely faces!

    I have tagged you! Please visit my blog to learn more and play along!
    ~Emily xx

  10. Hi girs, so nice to see your faces!

  11. Hi girls! Glad to see you!
    Thanks Sumiko! it's geat work!

  12. This is so wonderful to put a beautiful face with their beautiful shops!



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