Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Hey Everyone!

I was selected by BlackBird72 at to receive this
One Lovely Blog Award.
Thank you for enjoying my blog !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flickr Favorites and news...

Voglia di viaggiare...
The desire to travel ...
1. Flamingo,
2. IMG_6572,
3. the north tower looking south,
4. Beach, Tioman, Malaysia

Yesterday I discovered to be featured in the blog
Etsy Bloggers Team...
look here!
Was a real surprise!

And.... something new in my shop...
But I do not want to show you all,
just a preview ...

I bought the new wallpapers ...
I have to improve the light, the photos,
but I think that should be good enough ...
however, we must never settle,
you should always think that you can do better ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Carnival: Summer !!

Photos taken from flickr
1. Summer in the morning ~ Summer in the evening..,
2. A bit of Summer,
3. Summer Symphony,
4. Summer Love Affair

What I love of this season?
I think almost everything!
I love to go to sea, first of all, take long walks on the beach,
sunbathe, I love being tan, I think,
makes people more beautiful ...

I love to eat fresh fruit, especially the watermelon and melon
I love the summer nights
frozen drinks
big salads with shrimp
mini skirts in the jeans, and sandals
cycling along the sea
eat much ice cream
photos to my jewelry
fish dinner with friends
and many other things ....

Instead what you like, of this season?

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Host is Panoptica

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Something new ...

How beautiful this morning I was in Front Page!
With my new "Bird Earrings",
were the last, and I sold them!
A special thanks to MissBird
for this beautiful treasury !!

♥ Sewing Machine Bracelet ♥
This bracelet is part of the new summer collection...
I decided to create a series of bracelets with
vintage victorian ribbon,
and various charms ...

after the hit that was "Oh Paris Bracelet",
I believe that I will make a collection, and of course,
I believe that in a week
"oh Paris Bracelet" will again be on sale in my shop!

And remember that until June 30
there is a promotion in my Etsy shop:


you can choose your gift from:
- one pair of Earrings or Studs
- or one Hair Pins
the gift that you choose will be a surprise,
based on my availability...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June is off to a good start...

I can not believe! Two front page in less than 24 hours!

you can see if you were in Front page,
and all new hearts ... is fantastic ...
I also like to check every day

to see how many treasury,
I have included, and the new treasure clock function,
you can see how many minutes or hours
of missing the opening treasury ...

Special thanks to Betsy and Fleurfatale
for these beautiful treasury,
went to the Front page!

And now I have 700 Hearts in my shop!
It means that 700 people love SumikoShop!
I am really happy, how is taking share my shop....
after many sacrifices, I am seeing the first results ...

...and another front page for me! But on Lollishops,
beautiful selection of blue!
Visit my shop here

and Wow I'm featured in this cute Blog !!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me !!

Hey, it's my EtsyVersary !!
It's my first year at Etsy so To celebrate
I'm running a Month long special:


Ends June 30th 2009

you can choose your gift from:
- one pair of Earrings or Studs
- or one Hair Pins

the gift that you choose will be a surprise,
based on my availability...

So visit my shop:

Monday, June 1, 2009

The photos speak

Are not you curious to know the true face,
that hides behind your favorite artist?
Well, the game begins with this theme:
See who you are!

Participants in this game,
are all members of the Etsy European Street Team!

Psarokokalo from Greece

Alibli from Italy

Artmind from Belgium

Viltalakim from Netherlands

Ingermaaike from Norway

Stemellina from Greece

KajaDesign from Sweden

Neraidodhmiourgies from Cyprus

Roroism from Sweden

Fleurfatale from Belgium

Dina Fragola from Belgium

Vaisto from Finland

Karmologyclinic from Greece

Karuski from Finland

Petit Plat from France

Alatvian from Latvia

Swiedebie from Netherlands

JaneBoFelt from Moscow

Deer Lola from Belgium

Me, SumikoShop from Italy

Vadjutka from Budapest - Hungary

Trotalo from Roma - Italy

Chichiboulie from France

Lunaticart from France

Giusy Patch from Italy

If you have not shown your face
what are you waiting for?
send me your photo!!


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