Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treasury that include me.... this week !!

My lucite stretch bracelet was featured in this
Treasury by TheVintagecloset

My Ice cream earrings featured in this
Treasury west by Retroattack

Thanks girl,
I've really appreciate it !!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What's New in my shops.....

Vintage yellow flower gold earrings
click the image
find them in my new store...

I love these earrings, I like the Oriental style,
and of course the combination of the three colors ..
click the image
find them in my Etsy store

White Heart Lilac Bhooch
This brooch worn, is fantastic ... on a nice sweater ...

Candid Ivory necklace
find it in my new store: Sumikoshop at Lollishops

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Treasury West in Front Page

My Treasury West in Front Page on Etsy
"Today I Think...... Blue and Silver"

Featured Sellers:



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Me and my little Family

In the picture, we are, me,
my boyfriend Andrew and my little Brian.
We spent Christmas in a beautiful restaurant in Milano Marittima,
all made of wood ...
seemed a little cabin in the mountains ...
behind us in the picture,
a small white Christmas tree.
I wish all my readers a happy Christmas
and holiday fun!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Favorite sellers from Lollishops

Some Favorite Sellers from Lollishops
Click the image or the Artist to see their shop.

Romantic Bracelet by Winter Frost

Bayberry Apple Spice Votive Candles by Candle Confections

Marie's Cake Charm Bracelet by Cute to the Rescue

Alicia, Floral Owl Mini by Bird Watching Designs

Sweet Dreams - Baby Shower Gift Set by My Bug

Princess Faux Cupcakes by Shabby things by Carilyn

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Winner is............................Surprise !!!

December Giveaway
The winner is ........ surprise!

My son has enjoyed so much,
to fish the cards of the winner ...
I made a draw the old way, no technology,
handwritten cards and put inside a jar ...
guess who won?

Kira from Italy
won, the beautiful Vintage Brass Bow Pin
So I decided to promote her
as a featured seller of the week ...

Visit her Shop:
Kira's Creations

Here are some of her creations:

She is very good with the resin ...
Good Job Kira !!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Ornaments and Goodies

Tree stuffed felt by MichiMa

Mushroom ornies by SewtoSew

Felt Owl by Audraosborne

Door Hanger by Craftymoose

Snow Flake ornaments by ForeverFiligree

Christmas Pudding Ornaments by Lupin

Home for the Holidays BY Papertreats

Stocking Stuffer by AnnieandOlive

My Favorites Christmas Goodies and Ornaments.

This year for Christmas,
I like very ornaments made with felt,
I think they are brilliant.
But usually I use all kinds of ornaments!!
These pictures I have taken some shops on Etsy,
click the image or the artist to see their shop.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Deals December 20 and 21, 2008

Thanks for including my Candid Gold Necklace !!
on my shop!!

I extend my weekend deals FREE shipping promo until December 28!

Thanks to this article,
I had only today, 29 more Hearts, and many visits ...
and I sold my favorite necklace!
Thanks Etsy!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OK, now it's time for my First Giveaway on my blog!
After a little poll, won the Vintage Brass Bow Pin ...
not everyone will be happy,
because many have voted for Blue Rose brooch...
but the majority voted for Vintage Bow Pin!!
All you need to do Win this Brooch is
Make sure the email adress is correct because
that's how I will contact the

Ok, è arrivato il momento di fare
il mio primo Giveaway nel mio blog!!
Dopo un piccolo sondaggio, ha vinto Vintage Brass Bow Pin...
Non tutti saranno felici, molti avevano votato per Blue Rose Brooch,
ma la maggioranza ha votato per la spilla dorata!!
Tutto quello che dovete fare per vincere questa spilla
è Lasciare un Commento!!
Essere sicuri che l'indirizzo email è corretto,
perchè è così che contatterò
il Vincitore il 23 Dicembre!!
Buona Fortuna!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

GIFT GUIDES Who are you buying a gift for?

Victoria - sterling silver and Akoya pearl earrings

made by NicoleHill

Gift idea for women

Huayruro "Good Luck" Keychain FESTIVAL in ROT

made by HuayruroPeru
Gift idea for Mom

blue rabbit-MoHa
made by moumou

Gift idea for baby - children

Alphonse t-shirts

made by Tostoini

Gift idea for HIM

Romantic Roses and Ribbon Necklace

made by FatallyFeminine/ Aubree

Gift idea for HER

Fimo pacman stud earrings

made by


Gift idea for Friends

Pretty in Pink Bow Ring

made by


Gift idea for HER

Sweet Pink Hair Clips

made by ME

Gift idea for Baby

Kimber Black and Diamond

White McCloud Handbag

made by


Gift idea for Friends or sister

Vintage Earrings
made by


Gif idea for Mom or Her

Lampwork pendant

made by


Gift idea for Mom

Elegant Pink

made by meego

Gift idea for Mom


Photographic Print
made by


Gift idea for Him or Dad

Shana Bag Blue

made by


Dollar Tree

made by


Gift for Her

Soft Little Piggy Plush -- WASHABLE

made by


Gift idea for children

Cupcake Box

made by


Gift idea for Mom

Minky Bee Tag Toy

made by


Gift idea for Baby


You do not know what to give for Christmas?
Here are some suggestions ...
Click the photo

Non sai cosa regalare per Natale?
Ecco alcuni suggerimenti...
Cliccare la foto o l'artista per vedere il suo negozietto...

Cats On Parade MiniWristlet Zipper Pouch

made by Antiquebasketlady's

Japan love: orecchini fiori (resina e swarovski)

made by Kira

Gift idea for Mom or Her

Tiny bean doll and altered tin

made by Samyii
Gift idea for Mom or Her


made by Dindolina


Gift idea for children or friends...

Made by MikaCreations

Small Cupcake bag made by Lars and Addie



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