Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Sale - Friday 11/27 * Monday 11/30

Black Friday through Cyber Monday is a recognized shopping weekend that has quickly gained a reputation as the best time of year to find promotional sales on gifts for the holidays.

Venerdì nero per Cyber Lunedi è riconosciuto un week-end di shopping che si è rapidamente guadagnato una reputazione come il periodo migliore dell'anno per trovare le vendite promozionali in regali per le festività.

Take advantage of this promotion, which lasts from
27 November until Monday 30, 2009

on my Etsy shop

♥ All items arrive beautifully giftwrapped at no extra cost ♥
If you want to receive the gift before Christmas, please bear in mind, these Delivery time:
Europe : 4-8 days
United States : 7-18 days
Worldwide: 15-30 days
♥ to help you, I'm going to post almost every day!

Thank you for visiting my store!!
Happy shopping !!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Moodboard

1. Orange beads earrings,
2. meine liebe cameo brooch,
3. Rearing Horse, St. Sophia's Feast Necklace Series, OOAK 3 of 5,
4. Feather

These are just some items from The European Street Team on Etsy.
The "Monday Moodboard" is a way to share the original work of our team mates.
You can see all the others mosaics at FleurFatale's Blog !!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The new issue of VivaLaModa is online! =)

Some shops have sent to the collaborators of VivalaModa, samples gift, I also participated, with some of my small jewelry...
To thank us, they have made a gift review
♥ Take a look !!

VivaLaModa magazine

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New improvements...

I found this little cardboard box, is not beautiful, but makes a special light to my photos, and a natural sepia color, I really like them!
I am also pleased, in this shadow area of the window, I made this picture yesterday with a gray day, and the photos came too special ...
I believe that I can not worry about winter coming and the bad days, maybe I just fear that froze my window, LOL, but I decided that I will not do the light box!
My photos are changing as the weather and the seasons, this summer were all colorful, with pink flower and white vase, in tune with the banner of my current shop, I am undecided whether to continue to make colorful pictures or make everything homogeneous, with a unique color like this ... I want to decide calmly, but maybe I need also, some advice and criticism ...
so I ask you: What picture do you like most?
my photos colored with pink flower (Click here for an example)
or with a single color, like this?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I need it or Just want it?

Elastic HeadBand by ApeZoppa

This week I spotted this headband, very original!
I know this shop for some time, is an Italian girl of my team, but the headband must be new because I just noticed, and I love it!
Green or brown? I like both, but brown is perhaps less extravagant with my dark hair ...
perhaps it would be a nice Christmas present for me or my sister ...
is an accessory truly original, and you can wear it all day or go out at night ... I love it so much!

What is the thing that you want for Christmas?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

some lucky news ...

What luck! I won a giveaway!
For a whole month, Lovely Clusters hosts my shop for free!
You can view it here
and there is another nice novelty, now you can make your very own lovely cluster!
All you have to do is find nine images that you think would look nice together, and add them here
They can be images from anywhere on the internet!
I've already done one, let's see if it is accepted!

As you can see in this screen shoot, my Lollishop is full of new items, but I still have many items to add ... look here
I'm looking forward to reach my supplies in order to create something new that I have in mind for weeks ... if they still very slow in coming, my ideas fade away ...
I bought some cute accessories to decorate my packages for the arrival of the holidays, so if someone wants to make a gift package with a nice Christmas note, here I have everything ready! I'm so excited to receive them ...
just get everything in my mailbox I'll show you my packages preview ...
paper and ribbons are more expensive than I usually use to pack my sales , in fact I could use them only on request ... but for a special gift, this and more ...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

is just the beginning ...

What was your most successful sales event or product, and why do you think it was?
I state that I am a young Etsy seller, so I still have much to learn... but I also share with you my little successes, my experience and what I was excited ...
-I believe that the best item sold, was "Paris Bracelet" to follow, owl ring, owls earrings, flower earrings, flowering bracelet, and many of the new collections ...
these items, as long as customers like them, I want to continue to produce...
-The event that brought me more sales and has increased my hearts were: the front page of etsy, the treasures, but especially the "weekend deals" ...
I was featured in a weekend storque article in newsletters and in the Etsy gift guide, was a complete success, 19 sales in just two days, WOW amazing I had never happened, just out of the newsletter, I immediately sold the item featured and then to follow other sales yet, and 40-50 hearts in a few hours ...
For me this was my greatest success, and now I am taking part in all promotions of etsy, hoping they will still include my shop, in another article ...
-Another success was in July, the month of my birthday, I did a promotion which lasted throughout the whole month, and it took me a lot of sales, my shop had not yet taken flight, so it was an emotion each sale ...
-I think that sometimes we must make the promotion, because people are discouraged by the cost of shipping, they would not pay if they went into a store, so a promotion attracts people ...
but the most important thing is the patience, you must update the store every day with new items, or be more active as a member of Etsy ...
this is what I have learned so far... what is your experience?

November 6 Blog Carnival-
host is IndulgeYourShelf - #EtsyBloggersTeam

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I found, what I read....

photography by ohsweetnuthin

I hope you've spent a good Halloween !!
I want to share with you some links to read:

-Manic Monday by shesbattydesigns: It's just another manic monday.I wish it was Sunday. Cus that's my fun day.... my I don't have to run day....
- October Giveaway by Valeasc: win
a set of congratulations cards!
- Pumpkin Soup with Sage by Deer Lola: Recipe to make pumpkin-sage soup
- Shop Of The Week: Cape Cod Jewels and Things: Interview with a team member of EtsyTwitterTeam
- Meet Stylist Shana Faust by Decor8: should be interesting to enter into the mind of this successful and talented lady to learn more about the day in the life of a stylist....
-Scoutie Girl: Passtionately picked Handmade Gifts!! want to be a guest curator on scoutie girl gifts? great! all you need to do is find 12 items within a theme of your choosing and submit them here
- Friday is my day- Vilte: fly to Lithuania and meet very talented felt artist Vilte from
-Featured Seller & Free Giveaway: Quotes and Notes of Vancouver, BC at AkaneDesigns Blog !!

and some news about me:

- I am in the ETSY VOTER with my pink lollipop bracelet IF YOU LIKE it VOTE FOR ME HERE !!
-I won a giveaway, the prize is an $18 Value spot showcase : 8 of my items Free for one Month in Lovely Clusters !! Yeahh!! so soon you will see even featured my shop there !!
- LOLLISHOP UPDATED: my shop in is reborn!
Now you will find many more items in different categories
If you click the button "add to cart" you will be, redirected to my Etsy shop... I have added only four items in this weekend, and I immediately noticed an increase in visits, fantastic!
- I have a blog even on tumblr, if you like, become my followers !!

and now that I have made my list, I wish a good Sunday to all!


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