Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Carnival: Summer !!

Photos taken from flickr
1. Summer in the morning ~ Summer in the evening..,
2. A bit of Summer,
3. Summer Symphony,
4. Summer Love Affair

What I love of this season?
I think almost everything!
I love to go to sea, first of all, take long walks on the beach,
sunbathe, I love being tan, I think,
makes people more beautiful ...

I love to eat fresh fruit, especially the watermelon and melon
I love the summer nights
frozen drinks
big salads with shrimp
mini skirts in the jeans, and sandals
cycling along the sea
eat much ice cream
photos to my jewelry
fish dinner with friends
and many other things ....

Instead what you like, of this season?

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  1. I love the summer too! I think life is more beautiful on summers!

  2. I did something similar for my post about summer :)

    Don't you just love summer?!

  3. I love making frozen fruit drinks and eating salads. Beaches and going barefoot (wish I had a beach close by!) I think people look better tanned too!



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