Friday, October 30, 2009

♥ The Key of heart ♥

I love the long necklaces with large hanging ... This is the first of this collection, more on the way soon ... This necklace is perfect to wear with anything you want it, a blouse, a nice dress, everything ... classic, elegant, or what you want, that is !!
I'm in love with these vintage flower, make it special...
There is a promotion in my Etsy shop just for this weekend:

WEEKEND DEALS 10/30-11/1:
Buy one get one surprise studs or Hair Pin for Free!
Please put WEEKEND DEALS in the notes to seller at ceckout !

and you will receive a surprise in your order!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Etsy Voter

Which Candy item Gives you a Sugar High ?
Yeah I'm featured in the ETSY VOTER !!
The Winner gets Featured on Etsy Storque next week
so, if you like my cute Pink Lollipop Bracelet

Voting Ends November 2 !!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Photos Speak is back !!

Sumikoshop said ...

Sumikoshop said ...

Sumikoshop said ...

"The photos speak"
game is back!
this time different, the theme is always "tells something about you"
who wants to participate should just give me the link of a blog post, about you, your creative space, your hobbies, any thing you want to tell, and then I'll make a postblog with all links of the various narratives, such as a blog carnival, and I'll put all photos collected from various blogs!
some mini photo with the words of the title of your story
will be very fun and beautiful, though many will participate
read the stories of all it is very nice

the lettering in the picture I will do, with picnic, but if someone wants to do no problem
the lettering will be slightly larger

everyone can participate, simply send me the link in my email
or in a blog comment or in my etsy shop
This is an example of what will come out!

all you have to do is write a blog, as always, usually, only that sometimes you can publish your blog post that you like on my blog, just give me the link,
and then I think of all !!

the next will be published when I have enough stories to tell ... and who sees the blog post already published and want to participate, do not worry, I'll add your story!

If you want to see what it was before "The photos speak" here are some posts: Click Here

What you are waiting, send me your story!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Decor

house ornament with lovely letters by Syko

felted wool acorns by lilfishstudios

The Winter Love Inspiration Apple.
Fairytale Plush for Grownups by Lapomme

Set of three tiny heart bowls by redhotpottery

There is plenty of choice!
These are just some things that I found on Etsy, to decorate the house, where to start?
I would buy every one of these for my living room so empty ...
with my son around the house can not hold decorations or vases ...
I think some of these are to prevent breakage!
They are also ideal for a Christmas Gift or other festivity ...
Click the link below the photo to see the entire shop of these great artists!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekend Deals

WEEKEND DEALS 10/16-10/18:

15% off all items in my Etsy shop !!!!

Enter code "weekend deals" in message at ceckout,

and the discount will be refunded through Paypal.

What I found, what I read....

photography by LeaSeguin

I want to share with you some links to read:

-Craft Venture: ship globally without fear at PapernStitch
is about shipping around the world, really useful to read

- Nice Package have opened their shop! If you are looking for nice package you can buy them on this site

- New tutorial by Artmind: How to easily stamp names/words?

- Craft Venture: pricing for wholesaling at PapernStitch
business and marketing tips for indie online business owners
this is really useful for he does not know how to manage the wholesale sales

- If you want a daily dose of beautiful things and sweet, see here *Paper *CakesFinds*

- Inspirations to decorate your home: Decor8
I like to read this blog every day...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little bird told me .....

I love this theme, woodland, animals, forests, leaves, birds, owls ....
many of my creations have these little characters ... My obsession with owls and flowers, however, is not finished, there will be something new for the winter with flowers, and some surprises ... also, some things other than jewelry..... heehe....
meantime enjoy my new collections:
Autumn Colors and Woodland always update...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flickr Favorites

Yummyyyyyy !!

Here is my mosaic, of my Flickr Favorites,
if you would like to see more mosaics or join the fun,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need it or Just want it?

Plum Coat by LittleHouses

Has for months that I saw this coat, there are several models and colors, this has an affordable price and the color is unusual ...
I love so much! I do not know what I'm waiting to buy?
perhaps I am afraid, to buy the wrong size,
is a big problem without try it ....

I want to start a weekly blog post, talking about my personal tastes, what really, I would buy or wear ... is also a nice way to welcome here in my blog artists around the web, but also, already famous brands ... and also a way to know my style .... LOL


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