Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend wishlist

A few days ago it snowed, this is a photo taken in my garden ....
well, as I mentioned last week in her blog every Friday Karuski, collect links to all blogs that participate, with their wishlist for the weekend.
I had made my own, the result? everything that I had written, I did just the opposite ... my mood changes every
hours and so my programs ... LOL
I am disorganized? No, it's just that I want, and I think I do things, but then the unexpected (son) are always change my plans ...
but something, I managed to do it, very similar:
instead of the pie of spinach, I made it with cheese and ham
instead of the pins and hair clips, I made new earrings ...
short, quite different!

Now I try to schedule this weekend the same:

I will go into a shopping mall, buy new shoes for my son, and the ink for my printer, and stopping to eat at a Japanese restaurant
-I'm selling off all items in my DaWanda shop, and then renew it, and I have to promote it.
make new items, to put in my Etsy shop
I'd like to take pictures outside, maybe the sea, is nearby 5 minutes from my house
-and watch a new movie

I hope not to change all my plans yet!


  1. Love your picture! Very nice shot!

  2. bella foto!! sei a 5 minuti dal mare!! che invidia!!

  3. Oh, I really smiled when read your story! But hey, you still got some of those things done, in a way or another. I'd call that being creative:)

    By the way, I accomplished 1,5 things out of five, hehe. Of course we're always allowed to change plans. It's just fun to make a list:)

    Happy weekend,

  4. Yep your changes are not disorganization, they're creativity :D
    Cute picture ^__^

  5. Happy weekend!!! I'd like to go to the see!!



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