Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend wishlist

Minna from Karuski, had a great idea in her blog,
to make a wishlist of how we'd like to spend or organize our weekend!
I do not ever organize my day, this seems an excellent opportunity to do so for the first time, and maybe fulfill all of my programs!

I'd like to do at least some of these things:

make a salted cake with spinach
-create something new, new colors of "charlotte brooch"
-do other colors of vintage hair pins
-go to a restaurant with old friends
making new photos to new items
write in my renovated blog, to keep it alive
(I want to be able to write every day)

-advertise my Etsy shop for the new promotion "FREE SHIPPING"
-and last, I want to keep this space for something unexpected will happen for sure, then I'll tell you .... always happens, something new ...

In the meantime I wish you all a very good and brilliant weekend!


  1. mmm, salted cake with spinach sounds delicious! please take a photo to share... and maybe a recipe?? x

  2. sound like a lot of fun to me!
    A brilliant weekend for you to!

  3. It was nice to read about your plans Evelyn! I'd love to try your spinach cake for sure. Thanks for playing along, I find it really inspiring to read about everyone's wishes. Have a good weekend and don't forget to tell about those unexpected things what might have happend, ok :)


  4. OOoh yes, these are definitely gorgeous...




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