Monday, January 11, 2010

Make your own package ...

Make your own packages, is a savings and a fun ... there to make a small investment to buy everything, but then you have everything you need to do your personal packages ...
I love doing my packages with all kinds of new inventions and new decoration ...
Look what I bought? A
Decoration Rubber Stamp Lace Flower and a STAZON ink Cotton white... I look forward to receiving my purchase!

I bought from an Etsy shop that I discovered long ago: Karaku
comes from TOKYO, JAPAN and in this store you can find nearly everything: Japanese fabric, stamp goods, Japanese paper, mizuhiki, gift.... My favorites are the Rubber Stamp...
and I got almost want to collect them ..... I think my next purchase will be these lovely Animal Wooden stamps in a can, really pretty!!


  1. thanks for sharing! i go stamp crazy on my packages! i love making my own wrapping! thanks for the link to this shop, so cute!

  2. Oh its so so pretty! I bet you get loads of use out of that x

  3. I love these package supplies! I'm going to check out Karaku's shop :)

  4. I just saw your leaf earrings on the front page, congrats!!!

  5. this is a wonderful idea! I go to see this hop my friend

  6. that's a great idea! thanks for sharing :)



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