Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I found, what I read....

photography by LeaSeguin

I want to share with you some links to read:

-Craft Venture: ship globally without fear at PapernStitch
is about shipping around the world, really useful to read

- Nice Package have opened their shop! If you are looking for nice package you can buy them on this site

- New tutorial by Artmind: How to easily stamp names/words?

- Craft Venture: pricing for wholesaling at PapernStitch
business and marketing tips for indie online business owners
this is really useful for he does not know how to manage the wholesale sales

- If you want a daily dose of beautiful things and sweet, see here *Paper *CakesFinds*

- Inspirations to decorate your home: Decor8
I like to read this blog every day...


  1. Thank you for sharing these links. I found a new favorite :)
    I'm about to decor my new home soon and Decor8 just what i needed :)

  2. oh, very cool links! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  3. Thank you so much for helping us get the word out about Nice Package! x Marichelle + Ez

  4. even though your blog is more female based. You have some really rad sailor/navy stuff that i can appreciate!

    keep it up



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