Friday, October 23, 2009

The Photos Speak is back !!

Sumikoshop said ...

Sumikoshop said ...

Sumikoshop said ...

"The photos speak"
game is back!
this time different, the theme is always "tells something about you"
who wants to participate should just give me the link of a blog post, about you, your creative space, your hobbies, any thing you want to tell, and then I'll make a postblog with all links of the various narratives, such as a blog carnival, and I'll put all photos collected from various blogs!
some mini photo with the words of the title of your story
will be very fun and beautiful, though many will participate
read the stories of all it is very nice

the lettering in the picture I will do, with picnic, but if someone wants to do no problem
the lettering will be slightly larger

everyone can participate, simply send me the link in my email
or in a blog comment or in my etsy shop
This is an example of what will come out!

all you have to do is write a blog, as always, usually, only that sometimes you can publish your blog post that you like on my blog, just give me the link,
and then I think of all !!

the next will be published when I have enough stories to tell ... and who sees the blog post already published and want to participate, do not worry, I'll add your story!

If you want to see what it was before "The photos speak" here are some posts: Click Here

What you are waiting, send me your story!!

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