Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something for me ...

I finally bought something for me on Etsy!
There are many beautiful things that
I would like to buy...

I do not have resisted, to try one of these soaps
The fragrance for this item is Cotton Candy
for the cupcake and Acai Berry for the icing!!

*Acai Berry: A Sweet Berry fragrance.
Similar To Bubble Yum Bubble Gum!

I bought these soaps from AnitacraftyCreations

♥ Handmade by Daisy daydreams
I love the details of this pincushion
finished off with felt strawberry,
cream swirl and waffers.

Beautifully made.
I bought because I was in love once I saw it,
and why every time I sew,
I always put the needle attached to the pants...

One thing I want to buy is an image of some artist,
to put in a frame to hang in my living room,
but it's hard to choose,
because I have the purple wall,
and for sale on Etsy, there are a billion beautiful ...
But I have some favorite artists ...
but if any artist wants to do a swap with me,
I would be happy!


  1. Really nice soap!!! A question: to use or not to use??!!

  2. Great buys! They look good enough to eat!



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