Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flickr Favorites and news...

Old stories ...
Here is my mosaic, of my Flickr Favorites,
if you would like to see more mosaics or join the fun,

New "Owl bracelet" ...
I love this vintage ribbon,
gives a touch of old, to something of modern ....
I mixed together two collections:
"Owl obsession" with "Elegant whimsy"
I think that can stay well together ...

In my Etsy shop,
there is a promotion until the end of July:
FREE SHIPPING in some of my items in my shop

Shipping has been adjusted to zero already!
Finds items in the "JULY FREE SHIPPING" Section!
The section will be updated frequently with new items ...
so visit my shop often,
so that you can find your item in promotion ...

New jewelry coming soon !!


  1. Those photos are cool...and your new bracelet is very cute!

  2. the bracelet is very lovely ^^

  3. Great vintage photos! They feel so timelessly classic. Also love the bracelet. The combination of pearls and ribbon is so precious!

  4. Really lovely!! Both, the bracelet and the oldies photos! I love the vintage recipe shot! Have a lovely week end.

  5. What a beautiful mosaic & a great promotion! Happy weekend to you! :)



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