Friday, February 6, 2009

Lollishops MarketPlace

What can you find in Lollishops Marketplace?

These are just some things you can find on Lollishops ...
visit the site, there are many shops of different artists ...
you can see the list of stores on Vendor Directory
and to know promotions, giveaway and Lollishops updates
see a Lolli-Bulletins

1. Pink Valentine Pouch w/vintage brooch, 2. choccookies, 3. Calico Cat Heart Pillow, 4. Sea Foam Droplets Earrings, 5. Turquoise Trinkets Bracelet, 6. The Old Miss, 7. sweet pink and happy giraffes dress, 8. A sweet little gift, 9. I am the luckiest girl!, 10. Spring Chicks ~ Keepsake Cakes, 11. Vintage Style Valentines for Lollishops, 12. Handmade Paper Flowers, 13. 1209 093, 14. Thanks You Bird Gift Tags (2), 15. Milk Rose, 16. Bunny Boy, 17. Valentines Conversation Heart Rings, 18. Pink Bling Ring II ~ Lollishop Giveaway, 19. Easter bunny detail, 20. Heart & Rose Resin Bobbi Pins, 21. Vintage Valentine Ready Set Solder Kit, 22. Valentine's Day Cupcakes mini plaque, 23. Red rose Gold bracelet, 24. Baby Pink & Red Valentine Betsy, 25. Fleur De Lis Gift Tags

Visit my shop

and partecipate to Win a Gift Certificate for $ 15,00
to spend in my Lollishop !!
click here


  1. Tag! Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.. details on my blog!

  2. oh what loveliness~ Than you so much for adding my photos and also I saw you added me as a friend on your lollishops page! I can't seem to get it to let me friend people who have me as there friends... perhaps it is the way Sadie wanted it to be? Oh please let me catch up with the tag later. I am so busy as of late with getting ready for the party. I can hardly move I have been so attached to my chair the last two days... and I have still yet to write the party blog post! I did spend two hours uploading pictures to it... oh my oh my I best be on my way!

    Chelsea Ann



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