Saturday, August 21, 2010

New projects and new things in the store

new colors, new patterns, different cabochons, other materials... coming soon... I have many projects and new designs in mind and I hope to achieve them in the coming seasons.
Only yesterday I designed the mini vintage hair pins, they are really pretty, and easy to wear every day... soon I will arrange the new material, and I will put them into production even of different colors... I'm excited about all these ideas came into my mind!
The new series of Hair pins with chrysanthemums is already on sale in my shop, I'm slowly adding new colors with flowers of other shades, so every day there is something new, these hair-pins all in brass are truly stunning!
but this week there was another novelty, have you seen my new necklace with a cascade of chains and charms? I think this is perfect for a special dress or low-cut shirt is very chic and luxurious ... it took me much longer to do it, but I was satisfied with the final result, live is much better than in pictures!

After this revelation, I wish you a lovely weekend!!


  1. Evelyn your creation are always more beautiful!!

  2. These new creations seems to be perfect for the incoming seasons and holydays :)



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