Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm away ....

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This week I'll be on vacation at my parents' house in Verona, which is 2,5 hours from my house Cervia.
Verona is my hometown where I lived for 25 years, so when I come here I find all my old friends and I see all the places that I miss ...
If you have the opportunity to come to Italy, visit it, is very beautiful, romantic, full of history, but you can also find many fine shops:)
My personal favorite is when I come here, go shopping in all my favorite shops, bring my boyfriend and my son in all those places that have not yet seen, and maybe one day in Gardaland! Have you ever heard?
A huge amusement park, located in Lake Garda, a very touristic place that I love!
so this week I will be less present in the blog, but my shop will be open!


  1. I went to Italy for a week several years ago and spent a day in Verona - totally stunning! I'd love to go back. Hope you have a lovely stay with your parents

  2. I just found your Esty shop and I'm glad I did, your creations are really lovely!
    Enjoy your vacation!
    Federica from Italy!



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