Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy Italia Team flies to Berlin!

Etsy yesterday in Berlin opened its first international office !
There was a great party, and two of our members the Gasometri have flown to Berlin to attend the inauguration, and brought with them a stack of postcards to introduce our team.

What is special about these cards? In addition to great graphics showing Europe, and in one hand, the metric converter in centimeters and inches, have also the 10% discount to all who will receive the postcard!

How do you get a discount of 10%, and which shop?
If you have the card in hand, you will see that in the back, there is a code to get the discount. You can use that code in all the Etsy shops listed here within three months from now
(The code will be written during the ceckout, or contact the seller first)

My shop also participates in the promotion
add the discount code at ceckout and I will refund 10% via paypal!

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