Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend wishlist

Today is a rainy day, I hate the rain ...
My boyfriend tells me that I go out alone with the sun, absolutely right!
When the weather is bad I think it's the ideal time, to withdraw into solitude, in your workspace and create the most possible .

So, this weekend I expect that I will:
-I do some packages for the sales that I had
-I have to finish sewing by hand, some works started
I want to try my new Decoration Rubber Stamp Lace Flower on some glassine bags
-I would bring my son in a shopping mall to choose his first dress of Carnival
-and maybe do something new for my shop!

Visit Karuski's Blog
To see more wishes for the weekend

This week I'm featured in this blog My day is Friday
happy weekend to all my readers!


  1. Hi Evelyn, your Friday Is My Day post was so nice to read. I'd love to see what you come up with the lace pattern stamp and glassine bags, sounds promising.

    I'm pretty much the same with the weather, btw. Happy weekend to you!


  2. I relly enjoyed reading it too, as I enjoyed reading your wishlist too.

  3. Hi!!
    I love them!! we can I buy??




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