Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsy Voter

Who's on Your Best Dressed List?

Yeahh, this week I'm featured in the Etsy voter!!
with my
♥ Art Deco Drop -Crystal Aqua Earrings ♥
if you want to support me, you can vote for Sumikoshop here
I am also featured in the article storque!!
Thanks to all and happy weekend!


  1. These caught my eye right away in the email...and then I saw they were yours...Congrats!!!
    And I see they already sold!
    I just voted for you and you're in first place with 51 votes...good luck :)

  2. I just voted for you too! And I'm also bummed they're already sold out. Those are beautiful!!

  3. Rock on! I'm off to vote. Those earrings are GORGEOUS!! :) Happy Saturday.



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