Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Deals of 2009

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I can not believe it has already reached the end of 2009, in a few days it will be Christmas and then as a gust of wind will be the last day of the year ....
I expect to draw conclusions from this past year until December 31, but I can already see a positive achievement of the objectives set, in fact I had many twists, and I may have achieved more than I thought .... a good year I can say ....


  1. I absolutely love your blog and your shop!
    You are a great talent and your style is awesome...


  2. I cannot believe it is already Christmas as well. It seems like it was just March not long it's December! And my life is not anywhere near what I was hoping it to be by now. In fact, I'm scared more now than ever. Ugh!

    Anyway, your jewlerey is beautiful! It says so much about you. :)



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