Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inspired Finds: Packages

Want some ideas for making your pretty packages?
Here are some photos from where to get inspiration,
but also some nice shops where you can buy
the necessary materials for your package ....

Blockprinted Golden Award Ribbon Tags/Wall Decor
Woodland Mushroom Gift Bag Kits by nicepackage

A few days ago I bought some nice things to renew my package from one of these shops, I can not wait to get all my
paper goods, I hope before Christmas, so I can make some nice packages to my clients ...
this month full of good news and events, makes me even more creative, and with a great desire to renew and improve even more my brand ....
I have good intentions for 2010, and new goals to achieve ...
I wish you all the happy moments that I'm going through at this time ...

PS: I want to thank all my readers, WOW, 200 readers!



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