Thursday, November 5, 2009

some lucky news ...

What luck! I won a giveaway!
For a whole month, Lovely Clusters hosts my shop for free!
You can view it here
and there is another nice novelty, now you can make your very own lovely cluster!
All you have to do is find nine images that you think would look nice together, and add them here
They can be images from anywhere on the internet!
I've already done one, let's see if it is accepted!

As you can see in this screen shoot, my Lollishop is full of new items, but I still have many items to add ... look here
I'm looking forward to reach my supplies in order to create something new that I have in mind for weeks ... if they still very slow in coming, my ideas fade away ...
I bought some cute accessories to decorate my packages for the arrival of the holidays, so if someone wants to make a gift package with a nice Christmas note, here I have everything ready! I'm so excited to receive them ...
just get everything in my mailbox I'll show you my packages preview ...
paper and ribbons are more expensive than I usually use to pack my sales , in fact I could use them only on request ... but for a special gift, this and more ...

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