Sunday, November 15, 2009

New improvements...

I found this little cardboard box, is not beautiful, but makes a special light to my photos, and a natural sepia color, I really like them!
I am also pleased, in this shadow area of the window, I made this picture yesterday with a gray day, and the photos came too special ...
I believe that I can not worry about winter coming and the bad days, maybe I just fear that froze my window, LOL, but I decided that I will not do the light box!
My photos are changing as the weather and the seasons, this summer were all colorful, with pink flower and white vase, in tune with the banner of my current shop, I am undecided whether to continue to make colorful pictures or make everything homogeneous, with a unique color like this ... I want to decide calmly, but maybe I need also, some advice and criticism ...
so I ask you: What picture do you like most?
my photos colored with pink flower (Click here for an example)
or with a single color, like this?


  1. That cardboard box makes a perfect prop for your jewelry photos Evelyn. I agree the pics came out great ! All of them...

  2. Love the second picture you are showing here, without seeing the end of the box.
    Your colorful pictures are beautiful too, but not always easy to use in treasuries.

  3. I think that your new, more neutral photos are just beautiful! Lovely light. I am having problems with my photos now that the days are shorter and darker.

  4. beautiful photos... crisp, balanced and eye-catching!!

  5. i love both but i think i favor the single color!

  6. Ciao!
    E' un piacere averti trovata su flickr! Faccio parte da poco dell'EtsyItalia Team.
    Adoro questi orecchini in rame, trovo inoltre che il blu sia una tonalità che si accosti perfettamente con il rame!
    A tal proposito se ti fa piacere potresti dare uno sguardo a questa collana realizzata da mia sorella, con lo stesso accostamento di toni:

    mi farebbe molto piacere se venissi inoltre a dare un'occhiata al nostro blog:

    PS: ti ho aggiunta tra i nostri craftblog preferiti!
    A presto,

  7. I just discovered your site, gorgeous pieces of design!
    Personally I prefer the second one, crisper somehow.



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