Monday, August 24, 2009

The European Street Team challenge

I won last week European Street Team Weekly Challenge with my Blue Dot Pouch and Lollipop Brooch Set !! The theme was "FOOD" and was chosen by DINAFRAGOLA.
You can view all the entries on her blog.
Is the first time I win a challenge Wow !!
From my excitement, I decided a simple theme, inspired by the new season that is just around the corner...
so the new theme is: Fall is coming !!
You can express in any way, your vision of autumn, shapes and colors of this wonderful season...

so I wait only your entry !!

And here's the entries:

31. Fire Bloom - Red Glass Earrings by Alatvian

30. Latte Mittens by warmandsoft

29. Autumn Leaf Necklace by lacravatteduchien

by BijouxdelloStregatto

27. Corset Sowl by Federicaknits

26. Autumnal Equinox - photographic Mandala
by AleciaV

25. Autumn Owl Dangling Earrings by Dinafragola

24. Handknit fingerless mittens by Ingermaaike

23. Autumn Leaves on a Hat by Kraplap

21. Babyleaf Sand - XL Clutch by Iragrant

20. Autumn painter by Happyment

19.Fall is coming - 82 inches long double strand
hand crochet lariat,
scarf or necklace by Happybee

FLOWER as a brooch or for your hair by Ayawedding

17. Leaves Are Falling Earrings by LeelaBijou

16. Autumn by Dindi

15. Autumn River, an OOAK Camel bag
by LaTouchables

14. Fall - long poppy flower necklace with
faceted glass beads on brass chain by vadjutka

13. Italian silk scarf with satin lining
by ThongbaiTatong

12. Lavender Chamomile herbal pillows
Autumn Trees
by BlueTerracotta

11. Garnet gold Chain Earrings
by steinschmuckdesign

10. Leaf clutch by Emmapardos

9. Fall is near necklace by Fleurfatale

8. Fall is Coming Earrings by Stemellina

7. Love in Blue - Anklet with Swarovski Crystals
by AmandaYuDesign

6. Maple Leaf Earrings by Swagg Jewelry Designs
5. Autumn, Leather Journal or Notebook, Suede
by Kreativlink

4. Copper Necklace with Goldenrod Flower Bouquet
by DeerLola

3. Autumn is Coming... Ring by staroftheeast

2. Pearls In A Row Bracelet by Toosis

1.Seed Pod earrings by FleurFatale


  1. Congrats to your winning, so Great!
    And I love the new Autumn Theme already try
    to think of something...

  2. Congrats for winning!!!!
    I love the new theme and as I've never partecipated in this challenge...I think I'll try this time!!!

  3. Congrats!!! The next week I will participate again to the challenge! I love autumn!!!

  4. Warm congrats for the win and thank you for being the host this week to such a fun theme!

  5. Congrats! Such a lovely new theme!

  6. Congrats! And thanks for the interesting new theme. I am preparting some fabric. Will sew something for the challenge.

  7. congrats dear:) we are happy with the new theme:) I hope to make someting interesting:)

  8. Lovely challenge theme, very inspiring!

  9. Congratulations with the winning! :)

    Is this ok for my entry: :)


  10. (ooh.. mine is maybe not fully according to the rules :( ) (It was made few weeks ago (as a fall sleeve, but still))

  11. It's ok :) I don't think I'll make it for a new one before the end of the week :) so I'll skip this one :) (and I already made a whole line of fall sleeves)

    But the rest of the entries look great, so that's no problem I guess :)

  12. Congrats for winning the challenge! I love new theme and wonderful entries so far. I hope I can make somethings!

  13. Such a beautiful theme and amazing entries!!! Good luck girls!

  14. Congratulations on winning! I came here from happyment's blog. just had to see all the lovely entries here.

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