Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got Tagged !!

I was tagged by HollyMark After Dark

8 Random things about myself

1- I'm Evelyn and i'm 27 years old.
2- I am a mother of a little boy named Brian
3-I love to travel
4 - I collect photographs of my travels
5-I'm a person sincere and honest
6-love to stay with friends, chat
7-when I'm in my corner to create jewelry, I find my inner peace
8-love to go to sea with my son

I always like to know new people, so I am here...

Now i'm tagging:

Le coccole di GiusyPatch

Michelles charm world


Daily Shopping Guide to the Best of my Dawanda Store!!

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Ecco alcune idee per fare shopping,
immagini prese dal mio
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  1. Dear Evelyn, thank you for the tag, this is the second I've got into a few days! I'll post my answer to this very soon!
    Anyway, let me say that your blog is beautiful and your little jewellery is delightful. :)

  2. Good morning...

    Thanks for letting me know that your link is broken. Unfortunately I can't seem to fix it. Every-time I try adding it http://sumikocreations.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/myspace.com/sumiko_shop I get this in its place... We have a few weeks to fix the issue. Perhaps you can look into this? I have a busy day ahead... I will look into it more on my end tomorrow.

    Chelsea Ann

  3. Hello Evelyn!

    Thought I would pop over and check out your blog - very nice!

    Rocki (fellow Twitter)



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