Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Artisan Gallery Team

1. Beige and White Quail, 2. sea lotus necklace, 3. Bird Plantable Tags, 4. Beach Getaway Kit, 5. Self Portrait, 6. www.anakim.etsy.com, 7. 6272modified, 8. NEW - Sterling Silver Acorn Pin-One of a kind Brooch, 9. forever in my heart secret love, 10. glazedOver small geometric Green Sherbert stoneware bowl side, 11. Chantilly Corolla 2, 12. Botanical Hair Pin Barrette- Blush Champagne Pink with Rose Embroidery, 13. White Rabbit 14. Chantilly Corolla 15. Botanical Hair Pin Barrette 16. White Rabbit

I am happy to be part of this new team, created only a few weeks ago by OneClayBead and merritthyde!

"We are a juried team of artisans of distinction, vetted by peers for excellence in design, skill, presentation, integrity, and customer service. Our team will offer buyers an online experience akin to shopping in a gallery by creating a marketplace of high quality, exceptionally skilled artisans. As an international team, with volunteer translators, we are a network aligned to promote the goals of the Handmade Revolution, to connect and support each other across language and geographic barriers, and to recognize and encourage professional standards and unique artistic voices. We communicate through our newsletter, blog, and Forum thread."

Visit our team here: BLOG




  1. Absolutely fantastic Works!!!
    I am so happy to be in the Team with you and
    all the other unique Artists!

  2. LOVE THIS! your blog is beautiful!!

  3. Love it , and also happy to be part of this
    wonderful tea. Beautiful collection, and your blog is so nice

  4. Wow what a wonderful curation of items! Thanks for sharing this. Thank you for following me as well and entering my March Giveaway!



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