Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Poll for my First Giveaway !!

I have never done a Giveaway ...
it is time to make my first giveaway on my blog.
But first, I want to do a little poll:
What would you like to win in my first giveaway?
*** Vote with a comment your favorite picture ***

Non ho mai fatto un Giveaway...
E' arrivato il momento di fare il mio primo giveaway nel mio blog.
Ma prima vorrei fare un piccolo sondaggio:
Cosa ti piacerebbe vincere nel mio primo giveaway?
*** Vota con un commento, la tua immagine preferita ***


  1. The cherry necklace is adorable!

    I love the vibrant colors you use in your work.

  2. they are all so pretty, I must say I would love to win Red Rose Earrings, I've got a really close friend, her middle name is Rose.

    Keep up the pretty work!

  3. Mhhh.. sono indecisa tra Vintage Brass Bow Pin e Blue Grosgrain Rose Brooch... sono bellissime tutte e due!!! >_<

  4. The Pink Cherry Necklace is sooooo pretty!!!! That would be really nice to win!

  5. The Blue Grosgrain Rose Brooch is my favorite. It would be a unique giveaway and a fun way to accessorize a winter hat or coat!

  6. PINK CHERRY !!!

    Yes, I like it so much !!!

    Si si direi che ha vinto la collana conle ciliegie !!!


  7. Vintage Brass Bow Pin, a me piace lei! :)

  8. difficile scegliere...vada per la collana pink cherry :P

  9. Si difficile scegliere.... Voto per la Blue Grosgrain Rose Brooch ;)

  10. Love those earrings!!
    Good job!


  11. a me piace la spilla Vintage brass bow !!

  12. bè mi piacciono tutti ma il mio preferito tra le tue creazioni è la spilletta vintage..molto carina!!

  13. Hi!! What a sweet giveaway! The vintage brass bow pin is absolutely beautiful and has to be absolute favorite, though all of them are soooo nice!!

  14. What a hard decision, but it came down to either teh rose earrings or the vintage brass bow pin.

    I VOTE FOR: Vintage brass bow pin.

    What a lovely pin. I love putting pins on my jean jacket, and other coats, when I go out. It is just soooo girly !!! :-)

  15. I LOVE the Vintage Brass Bow Pin!!

    It's my favorite!

    <3 Aubree



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