Saturday, November 22, 2008

Own The Hour!!! And two featurings in Etsy Treasury

Yesterday, thanks to Petite Fraise (great blog, great blogger and great artist! Go visit her!), I found out a new way to advertise my Etsy shop and my creations: Own The Hour! It is an independent Etsy promotion.
On the "About/F.A.Q." page you can read this: "Etsy sellers can advertise their product on our exclusive 12 item front page for just $0.50 cents per hour. They select the hours, and we do the rest! Etsy buyers, or those looking for great unique gifts, handmade crafts, and amazing pieces of art can stop buy each hour to see items that an Etsy seller has highlighted. [...] is not affiliated with Etsy, Inc., OwnTheHour is an independent promotional site."
This is a great thing!
You'll This is just a try, I hope I'll have some good results!
I hope that you, Etsy sellers who are reading, will speak about it on your blogs!
Promote Own The Hour!

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