Thursday, August 28, 2008

* My Kawaii Collection*

*** KAWAII ***
My box for all my thing Kawaii...
I love Deco tape for decorate my packages,
memo pads, and memo sheets
to enrich my collection....
I'm ready for another SWAP!!!
And you are ready?
If you want to make a Kawaii Swap with me,
send me a message!


  1. è bellissima la tua collezione! volevo dirti che sulmio blog c'è una sorpresa per te!

  2. I would like to swap with you, but i live in France and I think it could be a little bit expensive to swap together? what do you think?

    ciao ~~ =))

  3. I have always done swap abroad, is costly if the package weighs much, but in general I have always spent around 5.00 euros shipping ...
    right now I do not make more swap, because I met many Swapper dishonest ... maybe in the future ...



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